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ELMs Postcard

As artists Clare and Charlotte of Waterweek are engaging with community for the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) pilot project about the future of the countryside and farming, we are working with the Cuckmere and Pevensey Levels Catchment Partnership who are undertaking this pilot.

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Nick Reeves Award for Art and the Environment

On 23rd Oct 2019 Waterweek was awarded the Nick Reeves award for Art and the Environment run jointly between CIWEM and CCANW

Announcement of 2019 Nick Reeves Award to WATERWEEK
We are delighted to make the 2019 Nick Reeves Award for arts and environment to WATERWEEK, in recognition of the achievements of the project led by Clare Whistler and Charlotte Still over the past six years in East Sussex and its continuing imaginative impact. The judges were particularly impressed by the breadth and depth of their inventive commitment to issues of rivers in the landscape, public awareness of water management and the poetics of water. They commended the project’s ethical and collaborative principles, and its creative empowerment of the community.

‘The award celebrates an artwork, project or field of activity by an artist (or group) that has contributed innovatively to CIWEM’s vision of “putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action”. This high-profile award recognises excellence in work by arts practitioners, or environmentalists engaging with arts practices, whether well-established or newly emerging, in the UK or elsewhere in the world. The focus is on rewarding identified work, not simply a person…..CIWEM, CCANW, and their collaborating partners at the forefront of evolving new thinking on these issues, are committed to highlighting positive examples of effort, talent, leadership and insight for us all.’

Dave Pritchard, chair of the judges, said: “Waterweek is a great example of how sustained interweavings of technical knowledge, imagination and arts-led social engagement can empower communities to live in a richer, deeply principled relationship with their water environment”.